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Bedding Buddy, 25lb

Bedding Buddy, 25lb

100% natural earth ingredients that neutralize odors and absorb wet spots

Compost and field safe

Helps prolong the life of your bedding


All About Ammonia

Have you ever walked into a barn and been shocked by the odor of animal wastes? That’s the ammonia talking. Ammonia is a byproduct of urea and/or certain manure proteins being broken down by bacteria. It is harmful to your animals’ respiratory tracts, and if we’re being honest, it just stinks! If you can smell it, the ammonia concentration in the air is already high enough to do harm. More importantly, ammonia concentrations are even higher at the ground level, so your animals’ lungs are more impacted by the gases when they are eating from the barn floor or lying down to rest. [learn more]

The release of ammonia gases can be the first thing you smell in an animal living area, but it can also be a silent attacker if your bedding or current deodorizer simply masks the odor itself. That’s why having a powerful neutralizer is important.


Our perfect combination of montmorillonite and diatomite has the power to neutralize sneaky, harmful ammonia for good through a chemical binding process called adsorption—without binding crucial vitamins and minerals in your soil later.

It also absorbs up to 120% of its own weight in moisture, so wet spots beware! The bacteria that boogie on animal waste thrive in damp areas (and so do flies, for the record), so eliminating moisture is a key to better barn health.

Why dolomite lime? 

The term “lime” gets a bad rap, folks. While barn lime (calcium carbonate) simply covers harmful odors, and manufactured hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is caustic if used incorrectly, dolomite lime (calcium-magnesium carbonate) is 100% natural—mined and pulverized straight from the earth—and knocks down smelly situations at the barn.

As a company, we have always stood for promoting better soil health and taking back the food chain. Studies have shown that we are generally magnesium deficient in our soils and selves [learn more or learn more]. So, when a crazy horse lady joined our team and said she used pulverized dolomite lime in her own barn odor buster for this reason, we ran with it. Bedding Buddy can also help correct soil pH in areas with acidic soils (similar to those of the Mid-Atlantic) and will not burn fields thanks to the calcium content of dolomite. Composters and manure masters, rejoice! 


Just scoop, shake, and put odors to bed! 

Sprinkle Bedding Buddy liberally onto urine and manure soaked areas with your favorite scoop or sifter. For added efficiency: allow affected areas to completely air dry before adding fresh bedding. This product is made of fine particles, so stand upwind and sprinkle from knee height. Avoid inhaling.

Hemp Bedding and Bedding Buddy

Make your money stretch even more by keeping your bedded areas fresh and dry with Bedding Buddy! If you’re looking for the power couple to keep your coop and stalls fresh, pair hemp bedding with this product! Hemp is super absorbent—making it cost effective and odor-fighting. This dream team composts in a jiff and doesn’t burn fields when cast with a manure spreader. 

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