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Low Starch Horse Feed, 40lb

Low Starch Horse Feed, 40lb

This beautiful feed is formulated for "easy keeper" horses or those with metabolic disorders that may require lower starch in their diet. The NSC level in this feed is 22.* Made exclusively with North American organic grains and fortified with probiotics, prebiotics, live yeast, and enzymes to support hind gut health. As a certified organic product, it is made with no antibiotics, pesticides, or additives and is also Non-GMO. 


*Why does the Low Starch feed have an NSC of 22?

New Country Organics Low Starch horse feed has an NSC value of 22 (perhaps higher than some conventional feeds) because it is a concentrated feed with no fillers. Each ingredient included in this feed has purpose in meeting the nutritional requirements of your horse in as little as 1-2 pounds per day. Fortified with probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, this feed supports the overall health of your horse. If you find that your horse needs additional fiber to a low-NSC hay and this feed, try our Non-GMO Beet Pulp Pellets or Coolstance Copra Meal! Either option pairs beautifully and has a low NSC (a 1:1 pairing can offer as low as a combined NSC of 16). 


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